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Since the 90s I’ve always wanted to be a publisher.  Whether it’s my own promotional pieces, extended photo essays that were cut short in other publications or my own books.  Using color copiers, the early Epson printers, those became my version of the printing press to create such promotions.

Even so, the technology wasn’t what it is now in terms of speed and quality.

Enter Magcloud, Blurb and many other “one-off” kinds of printing facilities.  These companies have changed the face of short run printing and have made it fun, and cost effective for photographers to produce their own promotional pieces, leave-behinds and even become their own book and magazine publishers.

I’ve used Magcloud for a few years now — a few friends turned me onto this awesome resource.  Owned by HP, the company that sells the Indigo Printing Press (the gold standard and used by many print companies and labs to produce books), Magcloud is a repository for people that want to publish their own magazines and sell them.

Blurb is like Magcloud, only they Blurb came onto the scene to produce books to also be sold on line.  Both of them have grown in quality over the last several years.  And now Blurb is offering a magazine line — much like Magcloud — in addition to their books.

My good friend Dan Milnor now works for Blurb and he’s their photographer in residence.

He jumped on the self-printing wave via Blurb and Magcloud before me and has been a real source of inspiration.  Check out his blog at .  He often showcases projects he is working on and how they are emerging as printed pieces.

In fact his latest project on White Sands got me thinking about sharing this little promo that I did from a recent wedding.

I did this 20 pages, 8.5 x 11 brochure of Samantha and John’s wedding at The Villa, a lovely venue just down the road in San Juan Capistrano (not too far from the Mission).  I’ll be dropping these off at the venue along with a couple wall sized photographs.

The design was handled via Adobe InDesign and it is a bit of a process.  It requires editing — sitting down and determining just the photographs I want to show.  I selected images that I liked, that I thought showed the couple well, but also illustrated what having a ceremony is like at the venue.  I created a similar version of this brochure for a florist, and so it was a different edit, weighted more heavily to showcase their particular work.

That is the beauty of a company such as Magcloud.  A relatively small amount can be printed (or a large amount if you like) but you don’t have to get 1000 copies and then have them just sit.  On this order, I received 20 copies and more can easily be ordered.

Not only is it a great benefit to the venue, but it’s a great way to present images and work on editing and sequencing.  In this day and age, that is sometimes the thing that gets forgotten as we power through 100s of images on a loose edit of a wedding or event.  Doing something like this forces a decision and if it doesn’t work out, you can always re edit and reprint.

Here’s a video of the entire brochure: