Orange County Wedding Photographer -2011_1210_0619A_blog

I suppose this is not your typical wedding photograph.  And that’s okay.

This is what I love about photography in general, and weddings in particular.  There’s the obvious photographs, of course, that you really know you’ll make during the day (coming up and down the aisle, the “kiss”, the family portraits, etc.), but then there are these little found moments that bring me back to my journalistic roots and one of the reasons I got into photography.

The reason is to see things that just draw me — here it was the light, the young man’s features and the texture of his jacket, and then the quick movement of the wedding favor that he was playing with prior to the start of Roy and Meghan’s wedding at the Hilton Waterfront not far from Meghan’s home in Huntington Beach.

Roy is South African, and this young man flew in from Durban for the wedding, a very good friend of the family.  So that made it extra special — he was a guest who came a LONG way (and trust me, it IS a long trip!).   And then the photographer in me loves this because it’s just such a different view of a wedding.  You probably wouldn’t even know it was from a wedding unless I said something and that’s okay.

These are the kinds of photos you simply cannot plan — they’re definitely not on any checklist you might find in a modern wedding planning guide, but they’re the kinds of moments that have driven me for all these years.

It goes beyond weddings. It’s the guiding philosophy that has been the foundation of trying to capture life with a camera.

It’s about trying to put a frame around the things that I see that I think are cool, special, unique or artful.  It’s about constantly being on watch for something that is striking — light, shape or form — or hopefully all three.

Canon 5d m2, 70-200 f2.8L IS, 125mm, 1/800th at f3.2, 320 ISO