It’s always fun and refreshing to do some different types of photography from my usual portrait/weddings world.

It brings me back to the newspaper days when you might be doing a fashion shoot with a model and studio lights one day, and the next day you might be photographing an NBA basketball game.  The variety is one of the reasons that I enjoyed it for so long and that variety is something I do miss.

So I was very happy when my client Tiffany Hunter of Tiffany Hunter Home & Garden had me do some photography for her new and very eclectic vintage and antique boutique.

Tiffany Hunter Home and Garden
1588 Monrovia Avenue
Newport Beach, CA   92663

I really appreciate her taste and her sense of design and the way she creates a warm and inviting space with her products.  She scours Orange County and beyond to find diamonds in the rough and then she knows how to show them and help you use them to design your space.

Here are some of my favorite images from the session:

Tiffany-Hunter-Design-Newport-Beach // Orange County Photographer