We’ve launched our fourth (and final) Kids of OC Charity Book Project and we’re looking for families with Kids in the OC that would like to participate.

Here are three great reasons why you must join us for this event:

1) 100% of the session fee benefits CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County).

Each family makes a tax-deductible contribution for $100 and we ask that in lieu of our session fee (normally $95 or $125).  We provide you a complimentary planning session and then we do the custom session (this isn’t an “event” charity portrait session — each family chooses a personalized time and personalized location!) plus provide post production on the images themselves.  Then you’ll be able to view those images in the comfort of our studio on the big screen in a great sight and sound presentation!

2) They Grow Up So Fast — Time to Capture them NOW!

And what better reason — the charity, the book, and the fleeting nature of childhood! Do you look around and wonder where did the time go?  I know I do.  When our daughter Kate turned five at the end of December I just couldn’t believe that five years have already passed!  It just seems like the other day she was on the changing table and we were freaking out — both excited and in shock — at this little life that was now with us.  Can you relate?  Did you feel the same way?

3) A Creative and Artistic Portrait Session by a master photographer!

I want you to literally be moved when you see your photographs that will show your children in a beautiful and artistic way.  My goal is to create iconic images of your children — something that will look great now and will bring back amazing memories when you view them years down the road.  I believe that my sessions and the images that are produced on them are quite special and go beyond what ordinary portrait sessions produce.  See for yourself — check out the work on our website!