Some of the video shot last week for Sony included some features on the new and incredibly compact (and inexpensive) Sony a5000.  With it’s APS-C 20.1 megapixel sensor, flip up screen, 4 fps drive, wi-fi enabled & NFC, and HD video, it’s steal with a lens for $398 (on Amazon)

It’s a bit smaller than my favorite little camera, the A6000 and is scaled down from the pro features that it’s bigger cousin has but it’s sure got some features that will appeal to folks that want more than a smartphone but don’t want or need the horsepower of the a6000.

So I’ve been putting it through the paces and while it may not be a camera that a pro would buy as a primary camera, it could certainly be a great little remote camera on a gorillapod or a small MeFoto tripod or a video blogging camera because of the very cool pop up screen that allows you to see what the camera sees from in front of the camera.  Plus it can take all my really  pro Zeiss and G lenses and not miss a beat.

The little 16-50 kit lens is surprisingly good and super small and there’s a power zoom on this camera.  That might be the only lens that many people would buy or even need — and with the pop-up flash, it would be perfect for photographs that will look fantastic and better than a smartphone with a size that fits in a pursue or bag or is super easy to sling over a shoulder.

On Saturday I took only this camera to my god daughter Taylor’s baptism and was amazed at the performance.

What really astounded me though was how small it is relative to a DSLR.  Cousins Boris and Doff have an older Rebel and the 17-40 f4 zoom and it’s a great package but I honestly had forgotten how big DSLRs feel in comparison to their mirrorless counterparts.

It reminded me of the days when I would pick up a medium format camera when I mostly shot 35mm film cameras and how noticeable the difference was in the size of the body and the size of the lens.

So I thought it would be nice to see a comparison of the a5000 with the kit lens next to a 5dm2 and a 50 f1.4 Zeiss (don’t mind the bent hood!)

Canon 5dm2 v Sony a5000

Here’s a view looking down on the a5000 with the screen flipped up in the selfie or video blogging position.  Pretty amazing feature and I hope we’ll be seeing that on all subsequent Sony cameras.

Canon 5dm2 v Sony a5000

And here’s a photograph I made of Taylor from Saturday with the camera, kit lens, ISO cranked up to 3200 and then converted to B & W  with an outdoor photograph of a statue in front of the church at 100 ISO.



I think this camera is going to be a hit for the holidays and it wouldn’t surprise me if one ends up under our own Christmas tree.

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