This portrait session of Vici and Rob’s children took place near their home for the Kids of Orange County Charity Book Project 2013.

The kids range in age from 11 to 2 and for the book I wanted to create a gorgeous individual portrait for the book itself.  It was also the first portrait session for Chase and we had a great time working with the toy car he was driving.

For this session we chose a time late in the day when the light is naturally warmer and more interesting.  Working with my assistant Daniel, we were able to craft the light to make portraits that show their gorgeous faces and their vibrant features.

And even though the session was to create individual portraits for the book, I always want to make portraits of the grouping of kids (and sisters, as the case here).

I also love that Vici selected the location to be near their home — this makes the photographs more meaningful as time goes by.  When the children are older, off in college or older and looking back on these portraits, they will remember this place and where they played when they were younger.



Morgan Family at tTheOnesILove_8_PaulFGero_03






TheOnesILove_8_PaulFGero_09 in Covenant Hills