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May 10, 2011

Princess dress Collection

I made a very very rare appearance in the studio (Thanks Errol for sharing your gorgeous space with me!) I wanted to capture a high-key grouping of portraits of Kate wearing each of her hand-made princess dresses made by her Granny Moira. Her favorite varies, but she’s still loving and wearing the pink Aurora (Sleeping …

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August 9, 2010

Rachel’s Hair

This is one of my favorite photos from a kids session. I just love the feeling of it, and I love that even though it was a planned portrait session, something spontaneous like this was found. At every portrait session, I always try to find a photo that strikes me.  If my clients like it …

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October 9, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Coming home from a portrait last weekend, I noticed a huge spider and web near the house and saw the moon rising. I could visualize a photo of the two elements together, but how to make it? I grabbed the six foot ladder at the house and climbed up most of the way in order …

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January 18, 2009

Thursday Photo Walkabout..

This week I spent a lot of time with my eye looking through a viewfinder…these are from Thursday evening… This is Kelly who owns the Ladera Flower Shoppe checking out the Kids of Ladera Ranch, 2008 book.  Her two daughters  are in the book and I happened to be by the store and she hadn’t yet …

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January 14, 2009

Just itching to photograph…

I just had to go out and make some photographs today.  It’s been a bit too quiet on that front, but I had this photographer’s urge to get out and make some images.  So late today, I just walked around the area (I know, tough to take, 70º or so, wearing a t-shirt) and came …

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May 16, 2008

Ladera Hope Meeting | Tuesday

Nearly 400 residents attended a Ladera Hope informational meeting on Tuesday, the first public meeting by the group in months.  Elizabeth Hall, Pres. of the organization (top photo), spoke about the “quiet period” that Ladera Hope entered into (no speaking to the press or public) soon after the neighborhood group of residents filed a lawsuit in January. …

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January 9, 2008

McCain Redux

  Seeing John McCain win the New Hampshire primary took me back to the very cold winter in 2000 when McCain ran for president, though lost to eventual Republican nominee George W. Bush.  The first two images were made in New Hampshire (including a visit to the Don Imus show, broadcasting live from Manchester).  The …

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