It was a windy and cool evening on Sunday at Salt Creek.  A welcome change (almost 20 degrees) from our home — about 10 miles from the beach.

Nicki and I took the kids and we met friends there to watch the sunset.  It was jammed with people — no surprise on this holiday weekend — and the mood was fun and festive.  Monsoon clouds made for some exciting backdrops as the kids ran down the hillside at the park.

The kids had an absolute blast with each other and with their friends Quinn and Emmi – they were still exhausted on Monday after all the activities on Sunday.

And what could make the evening even better?  How about a Asian elephant walking up from the beach along the trail!   Oh that, and a postcard-perfect sunset just made it special.

Orange County Photographe

Technical Info:  Fuji X-E1 with 35mm and 60mm lenses.  Processed in LR5 using Replichrome Presets