Have you heard of photographer Sue Bryce?

If you haven’t, I encourage you to check her out online

You can go to her blog here

It is loaded with videos, images and great ideas from this photographer.

She also has is nearly finished with her course on Creative Live Called “28 Days with Sue”

She does glamour photography and while that may come with a stigma to some, Sue is proud of the work she does.

And she should, because she makes amazingly beautiful images of women — and she does it all with the simplest of tools and the very simplest of lighting.  Her approach blows up the traditional thought that you need lots of equipment, spent lots of money to make great photographs.

To say she is inspirational is a bit of an understatement, because what Sue teaches is not merely about posing, working with models (real women), makeup, hair, marketing and selling and, oh yeah, photography and post production.

But a huge part of what Sue talks about is believing in yourself and your work and the value you and your work bring to the world.  This message is important as self doubt can often creep in when things are less than optimum.

I am not one bit surprised that she has hit such a critical mass of raving fans and is getting known outside our portrait and wedding photographer circles (as evidenced by her recent appearance on The Today Show regarding this project)

She is a wonderful force of nature, and I think you will love her work, her philosophy and her inspiration — even if you photograph things other than glamour.

Here’s the link (this is not an affiliate link) to her course page on Creative Live — the special discount for the videos and materials for her class is on sale until 4/8/2013 at 9 PM PST which is the last day of her class.


p.s. If you watch nothing else, watch this video on Fear.