I love the fell of this back-lit photography of my niece Stefanie and her husband Jeremy during their first dance at their reception held in Whitewater, WI in early June.
This wedding really made me realize (again!) just how fleeting life can be!
Ten years ago, Stefanie was our flower girl during our October 2001 wedding in Arizona.  A few years before that I got my starting documenting here family in earnest, when I photographed the birth of her brother (while Stef was only four years old).
Looking back on those images that I made during that time, I realize that they were the genesis for the style of documentary family photographer that I do now for myself and for my clients.
Even when she was little Stef exhibited a strong-willed, Spunky personality — and she is that strong independent spirit even today as a beautiful young woman.
Stef and Jeremy were gracious in asking our own daughter Kate (age 5 1/2) to be a member of the bridal party as a flower girl.  Kate was over the moon about being included and she had great fun with Mia, the other flower girl (a year older than Kate).  Plus she simply idolized Stefanie and took in all the events throughout the day.
In this particular photograph the lighting is provided by their DJ — the pattern creates an almost heart shape — a nice bit of good fortune and irony on the day.
Camera information:  Canon 5d, 70-200 f2.8L IS lens, 1/30th at f2.8, 1600 ISO.