Kate’s spring season of soccer started yesterday and the teams played to a 0-0 tie.  I’m surprised because Kate’s team was dominant and controlled the ball but just couldn’t seem to put it in the goal.

One of Kate’s teammates, Cassidy, is a terrific player and has amazing footwork.  She’s 8 and quite tall and Kate at 7 is one of the younger (and smaller players on the team).

Though smaller for now, she plays big with heart and practices hard too.  I love that and my Dad would’ve loved watching her play too.  He used to always say to me “It doesn’t take any talent to hustle.”

Here’s Kate and some of her teammates lining up to shake hands with their opponents after the game and I love that Kate was sporting her ever-stylish “K” Justice water bottle.  It goes with her just about everywhere.

Sparky was on hand as well and I loved this shaggy little messy face (later in the day Nicki would get his hair cut — I think because she saw this photo right after the game!).

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