E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_07

Last week I was in Los Angeles to document The Oculus booth that was participating in the E3 Expo at the Convention Center.

This is the world’s largest gaming expo and their booth stood out at this big event.

The modern and stylish booth had two stories and complete with several viewing rooms, Oculus was going to be showcasing their newly launched Virtual Reality Rift to the world (above).

And it was a non-stop pace of gamers and press coming and going to view the wares with people literally running to the booth the second the doors opened in the convention center.

This was the perfect environment to utilize the Sony mirror less cameras and their wi-fi technology.

And while it certainly would have been possible to share photographs (primarily on social media) “old school” — that is by downloading cards and editing on a laptop, in this case it would’ve been downright impractical.

There was simply no room for us to set up a station in the booth and time was of  the essence.

The tools that we have now are made for making deadlines.  And, with the internet and the 365/24/7 cycle there is a deadline all the time.

Being able to send photographs via the camera to the Sony Play Memories App and then process using Pic-Tap-Go was my go to process.

Just to give you an idea of the volume we were able to move:  On the second day we sent over 150 images.  One the third day, we moved just about as many —
I moved 85 photographs from my camera to my phone to the PR team (via email).  Our first day we moved fewer and realized we needed to move more and faster on day two.

The cameras performed amazingly and were perfect for the job.  Because they were smaller and lighter, it made it easier on the body when carrying for the day.

The main camera/lens combination was:

Sony a7ii
24-70 f4 FE Zeiss
Sony HVL-43M Flash
Rogue Flash Bender (large) with diffusion panel in the front.
Think Tank Urban Approach 10 camera bag

Here’s the rest of the gear that we brought:

Sony a7ii camera gear for E3 expo

2-a7ii cameras, 1-a7 camera, 1-a6000 camera, 2- 24-70 f4 FE Zeiss, 2- Sony HVL-43M flash, 35 f2.8 FE Zeiss, 55 1.8 FE Zeiss, 85mm f1.8 EF with Metabones III adapter, Phottix Mitros+ Flash, Yongnuo 560 EXIII with transmitter, Sekonic meter, Neewer Flash adaptor with Bowens mount, Speedring with Bowens mount.

Between me and my colleague Dan we captured well over 14,000 images and also some video too!
Here are some of my favorite photographs from the event:

E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_01

E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_02

E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_03

Actor Elijah Wood demonstrates the Touch version of the Oculus and was in awe of it’s capabilities.

E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_05

E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_04

E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_06I couldn’t pass up this great light and the silhouette of gamers from the Xbox booth made while on a break.