Salt Creek Beach - Dana Point Surfer - Orange County Photographer_2012_1228_775_blog.jpg

As I was preparing photographs for a client presentation Tuesday, I was reminded about this particular image while going through the edited images.

This was made at the great Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, after I had completed a session of a young family.  Since the session was in late December, the water was a bit chilly.  The two young girls — twins — had gotten in the water, their jeans got wet from the waves and then got a bit cold — before the light got to the peak.  We still had some gorgeous light, don’t get me wrong, but I always want to push the session as long as I can.

From a photographer’s standpoint, it can be disappointing when that happens, but I totally understand.  It is no fun trying to smile and look happy when you’re freezing and your teeth are chattering. I didn’t want anyone to catch a cold either since they were heading home to the east coast the next day.

So after they left, my assistant Daniel and I just hung around and decided to watch the sunset.  We might just as well, we’re here.

I’m so glad that we did.  This light and scene certainly made it all worthwhile.