Children's Portraits of Busy in Scottsdale - Orange-County-Kids-Photographer.jpg

Last week on our spring break visit to Arizona, we stayed at the Scottsdale Links Resort and pretty much camped out at the pool for most of the time.

On the second day there, my second cousin Eric (whom I watched grow up from since he was about 10, and then photographed his wedding to Jill a few years ago), and his wife and three kids joined us.  In some ways Eric feels like a nephew, though we are cousins.  Ironic, too, that his little kids are almost the same ages as our two.

These photographs are of his (current) youngest, Elizabeth or “Busy” as she is nicknamed.  She is a tiny little thing and so full of sass and spunk.  Since this is their third (with their fourth due almost any minute), Busy gets “third child” treatment when it comes to photographs.

I know how it goes — even though we have two, Kate had much more coverage of her earlier years, and Sparky less so (but he still gets a fair amount of coverage).  When I was growing up, I had three sisters (I was the second oldest) so my poor youngest sister, I think Mom and Dad had three photographs of her (I’m kidding!  I’m certain it is more, but it just seems that way).  Also, when I was growing up, family moments were recorded on film, and photography was more of a luxury and less of a daily occurence (that is — no Instagram or Facebook!).

It will be interesting to see how Busy is with her little brother arriving very soon.  I’m sure she’ll continue to be her sassy self!