Last weekend’s wedding had me flying through Detroit and then up to Sault Sainte Marie, MI before crossing the border into Canada by car.  I hadn’t been to the upper peninsula for a couple of years — the last time being for my Dad’s funeral in July of 2006.  On the Sunday following the wedding, I took a personal trip over to Manistique, MI where my Dad was born and where he is buried.  I had not seen the headstone on Dad’s grave and it was very well done.  It’s kind of the Gero family plot — my grandfather (who I never knew — he died when my Dad was 5 years old), his family and my grandmother are all buried there.  Also in the town is a little street named after the family — I had seen it the last time through, but wanted to make another photograph of it with a bigger camera.  My great grandparents had owned a movie theater in the town, so I think I know from where I get my love of the cinema.  The other two photographs are from the Detroit airport and the passage between terminals — probably the most visually interesting airport I have been through in a long, long time.