These three images are just a few of Ryan and Kristin’s favorites (and mine as well!) from our session at…the OC Zoo!

Yep, not your normal place for a portrait session and that made it all the more perfect!  It’s a place that means a lot to their family and that’s why we went there.

This was a Kids of Orange County 2013 session and in addition to the portraits of the kids, we made photographs of the family.  I like to do that for my clients if we are able to make it happen.  I encourage it because family portraits are images that grow in value over time.  love that they selected this image as well.  They also selected one when the kids were less fidgety but I love that they selected this one.  Having my own little 3 1/2 year old, I know how antsy they can get.

Do you have a favorite place that is meaningful to your family?  Have you done a portrait there?  If not, call me, and we’ll get that scheduled 🙂