Kate and the Spark cuddle together as they watch The Wizard of OZ on DVD this morning (no school today).

Since getting it through Netflix, the movie has been through the paces (it’s probably been viewed a half dozen times) and I expect it will be one of those classic films that we simply must have.

It brings back so many memories of my own childhood too.  It was always a big family tv viewing event whenever it was on (usually one night for the entire year).  The witch played by Margaret Hamilton is still one of the classic villains of all time.  Ironically, in the 70s she was a television pitch person for Maxwell House Coffee (Cora was her characters name) and even though she seemed a different person in those adds, I could never get the Wicked Witch of the West image of her out of my head.  Talk about typecasting.)

Kate was watching the movie and came up to Nicki and complained because it was in sepia tone (and a lovely sepia tone — in my memory it was more stark black and white and this particular DVD showed the monochrome parts as sepia (not sure if that was handled in post production when the movie was restored) and NOT in color.

My Mom complained to the movie usher about the very same thing when the movie played in the theater when she was a little girl back in the ’30s.  He sent her back to her seat telling her to be patient, the color was coming soon.

I think she’s pretending she’s in the Lollipop Guild with that in her hand!