One year ago I made a post on You Tube that talked about my decision to use Sony cameras and leave the world of DSLR.

The timing could not have been more perfect making the announcement on the Fourth of July, the American Independence Day holiday because privately I considered that announcement
my own Independence (from DSLR) Day!

At that time I was very new into the system and in fact had only a small kit combined with some supplemental rental gear.

In the subsequent year it has been an amazing experience.

Sony continues to evolve their technology at a pace that is breathless in it’s speed.

With an industry that is used to updating pro grade cameras in 2,3 or more years, Sony is upgrading their cameras in 12-18 month cycles.

For example, they upgraded their original a7 with the a7ii in a year’s time; the recent announcement of the Sony a7rii is about 18 months from
the original a7r was launched.

These cameras have allowed me to push beyond what I have normally done — using wi-fi technology to share photographs with the world in mere moments, and
growing in my use of video and loving the whole process.

To say that using Sony mirrorless cameras has changed our world would be an understatement. With the new technology, the smaller size and weight of the glass,
the ability to do full HD video at 60P (and soon a camera that does full frame, 4k video internally!) has been a total change — and ALL for the better.

It’s been exciting times and I am also grateful to the fine folks at Sony that invited me to be a part of their Artisans of Imagery program and helps support
the work of me and other Artisans in the program.

With the latest announcement of the a7rii, Sony has shown that they are a serious force to be reckoned with and are starting to get folks that were long established
in the Nikon and Canon camps to not just turn their head, but stop and take a really serious look.

This is the most exciting time that I can remember in photography because this Sony technology is pushing what was once thought impossible. To create a camera that
in one small form factor allows a photographer to take beautiful high quality still frames and immediately switch a button to capture amazing quality of video. (Not that it’s
the tools that make one a better still photographer or make someone an award-winning cinematographer — it is just that in capable hands, these are incredible tools).

This technology and especially a camera like the a7rii allows someone like me to be a Complete Storyteller — with the ability to use stills, motion and audio to tell a story in
a way that may have been done in the past but with far more effort and far more technical requirements.

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Happy Fourth of July (for my American friends) and Happy Independence (from DSLR) Day!


Some of my favorite images that have been made with Sony Mirrorless cameras and lenses since that first announcement:


Orange County Portrait Photographer Gero_04


Tesoro vs. Newport Harbor.  Round 1 of the Playoffs.

Orange County Portrait Photographer_Gero01_SaltCreekBeach

Marlen and Nathan pose for a portrait at the beach this past Saturday.  They are planning a wedding for this coming fall in Temecula.

Marlen and Nathan pose for a portrait at the beach this past Saturday. They are planning a wedding for this coming fall in Temecula.


E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_02

E3 Expo_#sonyalpha_06