My old DC friend Stephen Crowley penned (?) a piece for the Lensblog section of the NY Times (where he works as a staff photographer) about one of his idols growing up, Grey Villet a former staff photographer at Life Magazine.  Mr. Villet passed away in 2000 but his wife gave an absolute gem of quote to Stephen in that interview.  She said about the relationship of words and photographs:

“Words play a much lesser role, in my mind, than what the photographer grabs from the moment to reveal inner emotions,” she continued. “That is, for me, what really counts. I am convinced that the less the photographer imposes his ego on the moment, the more powerful the result is likely to be. It means patience and watchfulness and a willingness to stand back and wait to catch the truth on the fly and finally edit for the best of it.”

That is such an amazing statement and so profound and is either consciously or unconsciously at the core of what all documentary photographers believe.  I loved the profile and it was great to see that it was done by a friend who is one of the finest photographers that has ever worked the halls of the U.S. Capitol.

Here’s the link to the original story