I’m pleased and proud to share the cover design for my new book called “Mastering Digital Wedding Photography”

This book has been months in the making (far too many as my wife would say!) and is an updated guide to Wedding Photography since my first book that I wrote in 2004.

SO much has changed since that time.

That was the beginning of the digital revolution in the wedding and portrait space and now digital is the standard for working professionals around the world.

Now, though, mirrorless cameras are beginning to become a serious alternative for folks that want a change from the world of DSLRs.

I’ve been a Sony mirrorless photographer since mid 2014 and am so excited to write a book about wedding photography that talks about the profession and how to adopt mirrorless cameras to this genre.

Publication is slated to launch on March 1, 2016. Updates will be coming via this website and on Facebook.

Thanks to all who have supported me on this project, especially my wife Nicki who is my sounding board and who believed in me at times more than I believed in myself.

Can’t wait to share this book with the wedding photography world. Wedding photography has given me and my family so much and I want to give back to help the next generation of wedding photographers!