Marlen & Nathan are a sweet young couple that are planning a fall wedding in Temucula.

This past weekend they came to Orange County for an engagement portrait session at Salt Creek Beach and even though it wasn’t a “classic” day at the beach, it was actually better.

It was a bit cloudy at sunset, but a little sliver of color emerged just before the sun dropped and then with the aid of some strategic off camera lighting, we created this portrait.

Very happy with how the portrait turned out and this was one of the images that they selected.

Wishing them both best wishes on their engagement and planning for their wedding!

Marlen and Nathan pose for a portrait at the beach this past Saturday. They are planning a wedding for this coming fall in Temecula.

Sony A7, 55 1.8 FE Zeiss, Light from a Dyna-lite Baja 400 with a small Chimera softbox.  #SonyAlpha