Last week I got to finally look at some film scans from some personal film that I had shot earlier this year.  These images were actually made on my birthday celebration bbq at our home back in May.

Kate and Sparky and some of their best friends joined us (along with their parents) for the celebration and I wanted to make a portrait of all the kids.

They seem to all be going through these stages where they like making faces for the camera, so I figured, let’s let them have at it.

I loved their various expressions, the serious ones, the laughing ones and the one of them doing their going crazy faces just made me smile all over again.

The power of these photographs, I believe, is in the three grouped together … thanks to my friend George for loaning me his medium format camera to make these photographs — using a camera like that teaches real discipline — with film and a slower camera I want to make every frame count.

Faces of Ladera Ranch kids |  Orange County Portrait photographerTech Info:  Mamiya 645 Pro TL, 80mm f2.8, Kodak Pro400 film, available light, scans by Fotoworks Pro.