Laguna Beach Visitors - Orange County Portrait Photographer Gero

On Saturday evening I happened upon these beach visitors in Laguna Beach north of the main beach, as they visited the area near sundown.

It was an incredible evening — mostly clear with a hint of a few wispy clouds as I was there to photograph an engagement portrait session of Monika and Maxime.

As I was walking along the beach with the couple, I spied these folks and walked over and made a quick photograph of the scene, as the little dog gave me a warning bark (causing the smile).  I was drawn to the tones and shape of the textures and how the people and dog seemed to be so small compared to another part of nature.

This was made with a camera that I have only been using for the past two weeks but is going to be changing the way I do photography from now on.  More about that in a soon-to-be post.