Nearly 400 residents attended a Ladera Hope informational meeting on Tuesday, the first public meeting by the group in months.  Elizabeth Hall, Pres. of the organization (top photo), spoke about the “quiet period” that Ladera Hope entered into (no speaking to the press or public) soon after the neighborhood group of residents filed a lawsuit in January.  During the first few months of this year, independent investigators were preparing reports on the environmental impact of the proposed peaker plant which slipped by with virtually no notice just before the Christmas holidays and was to be built right in the middle of our community (had the law suit not been filed, that peaker plant might be nearly completed).  Because of the Herculean efforts of the Ladera Hope Board, including Elizabeth, Chuck Gibson (with glasses, light jacket), Jon Forrest (standing with glasses) and all the others, the County sided with Ladera Hope earlier on Tuesday advising a judge that a new environmental review is needed!!!  What a profound turn of events and this certainly would not have been achieved without the incredible work done by this group.  We’re proud to be members of the group and have contributed to their efforts to keep Ladera Ranch the great family community it is.  To read more about the  peaker plant story, please check out the extensive collection of stories in the Orange County Register here.