Last night I photographed Kate as she held a sleepover.  This time it wasn’t one of her good friends, but instead it was for her stuffed animals.

She placed her sleeping bag on the floor, and proceeded to fall asleep with her toy friends as they were under blankets themselves.  It was a sweet moment.

This was a departure from the way I would have normally tried to photograph this scene.  Even with ultra high ISOs it is still dark so I was debating whether to use flash (which is something I would’ve done over the last twenty years), but in this case I opted for using a small LED light that I pointed away from Kate and directed at the curtain.

I was at ISO 6400 and the shutter speed was 1/40th at f2.8 with a 35mm lens on a full frame Sony A7 camera.  Given that she wasn’t moving, the shutter speed was less of an issue.

The great thing about using the LED light is that I could bend, shape and move that light and try to get a look that I really liked.  I could just see what it was doing in real time and did not have to wait to fire and then view.

Using the EVF I was able to use manual focus, and focus assist plus magnification as I focused.  I could focus and see her eyes and get them tack sharp even in a dark situation.  Back in the DSLR days I would have used the infra red focus assist from the flash and would have been relegated to using flash bounced.

So much has changed in photography in such a short period of time and I find it exciting as it keeps me learning, growing and adapting. #SonyAlpha #SonyA7