I was preparing this image for a canvas in our home as well as for Nicki’s Mom and her brother.

It was from last March when we spent the month in South Africa visiting family and friends.

This lake is at Mbona where Tony & Moira have their vacation cottage, and it’s about two hours up in the hills from their home.

A gorgeous place where you’ll see zebras roaming, and a bit of time standing still.

Kate had such a great time and bonded with her cousins Pat (in the back, in the water), James (lower left) and Lizzie (lower right).  She had her first sleep-over while there staying at the cousins’ house…and had so much fun that she wanted to stay for a second night in a row.

Hard to believe that it was over a year ago.

Can’t wait to see this up on our walls and also on the walls at Tony & Moira’s in S. Africa.