Kate with globe Orange County Portrait PhotographerKate spins her globe while on her lap before going to bed the other night.

This was a Christmas present for her last year.  I love that she asked for it and love that she looks at it.  Her grandfather Tony (Nicki’s Dad) absolutely loved maps.   We even got him a book of old American maps as a present for him one year.  Plus I always loved maps too.

When I was a kid I used to swipe the maps from the gas station out of my Dad’s cars and begin to plot bike rides all across the state and the midwest.

When Nicki and I were traveling back from Wisconsin, my left elbow broken and in a cast, she drove while I navigated and found myself getting lost in the maps as we went from the midwest back to Arizona, where we lived at the time.  We took some of the old Rte 66 path and began my interest in going back to do more along that route.

Kate is a lucky little girl in that she has her feet in America but has an acute awareness of her S. African heritage.  Kate and Sparky have both traveled there more than once.  I look forward to going with them again on the next trip (probably sometime next year).  In the meantime, we’ll have to be content traveling to these far away worlds with the spin of the globe and the daily chats to Granny Moira in SA via Skype.