Jade & Sydney, First Cousins, 2002

Canon D60, 50mm, 1/100th at f7.1, 400 ISO



Jade & Sydney, First Cousins, 2014

Sony a6000, 55mm, 1/160th at f3.2  100 ISO


Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes us by?  It truly seems like a few days ago that I was at the Manhattan Beach Pier with Nicki, and Steve and Diane (our landlords and friends) with their daughter Jade and their niece Sydney creating that top portrait (just before Sydney and her family moved to Florida)

Fast forward now 12 years later and the two young beauties below are Jade and Sydney all grown up.

In the meantime, they’ve both graduated high school, Jade just graduated from UCSB, Sydney is attending school in LA and Jade is getting ready to tour Europe with friends.

There have been 4 weddings in Diane and Steve’s family that I have photographed since that time and we’ve had our own little ones.

To me this truly represents the power of personal portrait photography.

The images are treasured and they only become more valuable with time.  I’m so glad to have these people in our lives as our dear friends and I’m really glad that I do this for my friends, family and clients.