Thanks to my internet business mentors Shane and Jocelyn Sams who originally shared with me their discovery of a simply astounding (and yet free!) design tool online called

This is a site that costs nothing to join (though you do pay a small fee if you use some of their premium photographs and design elements) and can help business owners (and it works great for photographers!) create amazingly gorgeous designed pieces that can be used for mailings, brochures, and social media.

The designs offer a starting point for inspiration and for me, that is a wonderful thing.

I know a bit about design but I’m not a professional designer and so it helps to have ideas to start from — a jumping off point — that gives you a start on the process of creating beautiful pieces.  Staring at that “blank canvas” in Pages or InDesign or Photoshop can be very daunting.

And being a visual professional, creating a promotion piece that is nicely designed to go along with beautiful photography only makes the experience better for your clients.  In this highly competitive field, I think it’s a MUST in order to create work that gets noticed and so you can stand out.

And is a tool that has really given me new found inspiration and helped me immensely to create new marketing pieces quickly and easily.

Here’s the design I recently created for a postcard mailing (7 x 5):




Here’s a design for a You Tube header:

YouTube Channel Header(1)

Here’s a design for A 6 x 4 Gift Certificate Card:



Here’s a recent design for a Kids of OC Marketing poster (11 x 17 size):

And finally here’s one of my favorite pieces that I have recently created, a 12 page marketing brochure for my portrait business.  (I used Canva to design the basic large pages of type and then blended those with the final design in InDesign.    Creating grids is still a bit easier in InDesign, but I suspect will only get better with this in time.  Also, they are planning on launching a more robust pro site.  It’s still being created (as far as I know) but I will be one of the first to give it a spin when it comes out.

GeroPortraitsBrochure_2015_web2 GeroPortraitsBrochure_2015_web3 GeroPortraitsBrochure_2015_web4 GeroPortraitsBrochure_2015_web5

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and please post your comments below if you get a chance to try and tell us how it goes for you.