Yesterday I rushed over to Image One Camera and Video in Riverside for the store’s one year anniversary and that included Sony (among other vendors).

At this event Sony was making their first public debut in California of the new and highly anticipated Sony a7rii!

I was anxious to try this camera with a Metabones Adapter and Canon zoom lenses because I know that there are a huge number of
working pros already invested in Canon glass. I wanted to see if the new sensor with it’s 399 PDAF on the sensor would indeed be all that I had hoped for.

It was. And more.

With this camera and a Metabones, I was able to use the Canon zooms — the 24-105 F4L IS and the 70-200 f2.8L IS II lenses virtually seamlessly. It was as if I was using the cameras on a native Canon camera.

Fast, quiet and responsive — the AF worked very well (and I only expect it to work better with the final firmware installed in the camera (this was not the final version) and with the most current firmware on the Metabones (that is on me).

Sorry about the audio quality of the video, which I made for Periscope yesterday but I think you’ll be able to see that the responsiveness is amazing when you consider that
Canon shooters can now put their glass onto the amazing new Sony a7rII body.

Quick initial observations of the camera:

• Solid feel, 4 oz heavier than the a7ii and in the exact same case
• Crisper, brighter EVF — the best I have ever seen on any mirrorless camera
• Comfortable feel — not too big, not too small — maintains same updated ergonomics of the Sony a7ii

If you get to Riverside today before 5 pm PST, you will be able to see the Sony a7rii.