A few days before the wedding, my niece Stefanie practices curling Kate’s hair at my sister Mary’s home in Lake Mills, WI.

I loved the light coming from behind and how it accents the hair spray.  This is what I love about documentary photography — being able to discover a scene like this.  Plus, this has so much importance for our family — this was Kate’s first wedding as a flower girl and I love that it is for Stefanie who I really started to document when she was a little bit younger than Kate is now.

I can only imagine how meaningful this photograph will be for us in 20 or 25 years when Kate gets married.  This is the beauty of this work, this is what makes it extra meaningful — these are photographs that will be with our family for years to come.

Camera information:  Canon 5d m2, 35mm f1.4L lens, 1/80th at f1.8, 400 ISO.