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Even though both of these little girls are now over 7, it was sweet to see them dress up in Kate’s princess dresses on Saturday afternoon, on a late afternoon playdate.

Jorryn (who along with her twin Tavin, had their blow-out dance party birthday a week ago) and Kate have known each other since birth.  Their Moms, along with Terri all used to work together and while they knew each other then, they became friends AFTER they all left work to be Moms.  And during those first couple of years, there was the weekly playdate which helped Moms keep their sanity as well as give the kids friends to bond with.

It’s been great to see our kids grow up with friends their whole life.  As a kid who moved at age 6 and age 10, I never enjoyed that.  There were advantages to it, of course — perhaps it even fueled my nomadic wanderlust, but I think it really helps the kids seem settled and safe.

Canon 6d, 50m f1.2L, 1/50th at f2.8, 500 ISO, available light