On Saturday I stopped by our friends’ house in Mission Viejo.  Mike and Heather were in the midst of packing for their move to Texas.

Moving is such a huge pain, and luckily we had a good week for them to pack and host a garage sale in an effort to pare the load.

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Orange County Portrait Photographer  2013_0302_801_sepia_blogas

Poor Heather, she’s been battling a fierce case of bronchitis and with two little ones (and another on the way!) I don’t know how she managed it.  Not to mention facing a cross country move.

We will miss them.  They have become very good friends, since I first met Mike in 2005 as he came into the photography world.  They were married in Hawaii in 2006 and I was able to document the wedding!  Plus, I’ve photographed the family several times in the meantime.

Mike is a great friend, a great husband and father, wicked smart and knowledgeable about computers and technology, a fellow fan of internet marketing and content creation,and always willing to lend a hand.  He’s also a great photographer.  Travel safely you guys — we will miss you!  And thank goodness for Skype!