Ironically as it’s nearly 90º here in Southern California and my Mom, who has been visiting us for the past two weeks, prepares to head back to Wisconsin, I am catching up on some family portraits and moment photographs from our visit to Wisconsin in Feburary.

Our kids have been pestering us to go back and visit the family during the winter (obviously the were born IN California where winter is rather…quaint (at least to Southern Californians)).

Winter cooperated and gave us a small blanket of snow and very chilly weather during our trip to Wisconsin.

The main reason we went though was to meet our new niece and cousin Ayla, who was born in December.  Her entire family and extended family members are extra special to us.  My sister Mary’s daughter Stef was our flower girl when Nicki and I got married.  In 2011, Kate was one of Stef’s flower girls at her wedding.  To see Kate then holding Ayla made the circle particularly poignant and made me realize, as well, how quickly time flies.

In this series of photographs, I wanted to show some portraits I made of Stef and Jeremy at their home, as well as moment photographs from the trip (including Ayla’s Baptism affirmation ceremony at the family’s church).

It was a wonderful trip even with the cold, and reminded me that making great photographs of family is one of the best things I can do with my talents and creates some of the most treasured gifts (especially as time goes on.  Photographs only grown in value as time goes by).

All photographs made with Sony mirrorless cameras :  a7II and a variety of lenses including a 35mm f2.8 FE Zeiss, 24-70 f4 FE Zeiss, 55 f1.8 FE Zeiss, and the 85mm f1.8 EF on a Metabones adaptor for Sony. #sonyalpha #a7ii #zeiss55 #ocphotographer #familyphotographs