Orange County Portrait Photographer _ B & W02

Orange County Portrait Photographer _ B & W01

Recnetly I made these portraits of two young men who I have been photographing for a long long time — Darius (top) and Teague (below).

I haven’t photographed them for a couple of years and I was especially amazed at how quickly Darius has grown up since the last session.  Not to be outdone, Teague is growing up fast as well.

This was from a family portrait session at Old San Juan Capistrano recently and each of the photographs were made with the Sony A6000 and the lovely Zeiss 55mm f1.8 lens.   Light is a a combination of natural, late afternoon light lighting from the back with gentle fill from a white reflector on the front right.

Originally captured in color, I felt their expressions and the look and feel of both images just lent themselves to a strong b & w made by using the Replichrome Lightroom Presets (Tri-X) by Get Totally Rad and then taken into Alien Skin Exposure 6.