Christmas takes on a whole different meaning with children, especially when they’re old enough to “get” what Christmas means for a child.

Plus, this was also Matthew’s first Christmas as well and for a little guy, he was swamped with presents.  So much so, that even though Kate scored a ton of great presents, including her dream kitchen, she was a bit miffed that the baby actually had more presents by quantity than she did.  Lesson learned.  Next year there will be equal distribution and equal numbers.




Santa arrived.  Nicki’s S. African tradition is to leave cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer and of course a beer for Santa.  None of this lame glass of milk thing for Santa.   He finished the beer (of course) and most of the cookies, and most of the carrots were consumed too.


Kate waits patiently to come down stairs to see if Santa had arrived and what he had left for her under the tree.


Originally she missed seeing the kitchen, but noticed it after being encouraged to look around the room.


Sparky’s loot gathers in his bouncer as Mom and Kate examine one of the toys.



At church Clyde and Suzanne greet Matthew after Mass.  Clyde was Kate’s original pediatrician and still loves to get his “baby fix”.


Kate with two of her favorite cousins:  Robert and Chris, watching the tv at Doff’s house on Christmas Day.