This was a sweet portrait session with Chris and Shayna and their beautiful children Landon and Sophie at Salt Creek Beach.

With all the heat we had last week, it was kind of funny that we were all freezing the night of this session, down at the beach.

And even more ironic that we were freezing since Chris and Shayna are from Canada and I’m from the midwest so you think that we would be able to handle a little California chill.

It was all worth it as it turned out to be a fantastic session full of fun, lots of variety and photographs to treasure.

Orange County Portrait Photographer1.jpg

nty Portrait Photographer2.jpg

nty Portrait Photographer3.jpg

nty Portrait Photographer4.jpg

Technical Information:  Fuji X-E1 cameras with 35 1.4 and 60 f2.4 lenses, able assisting from Daniel Frazier.