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Upon speaking with Cameron, I knew I wanted to photograph her wedding to Adam.  Cameron was referred to me by a fellow photographer, who would photograph Cameron’s brother’s wedding later that year.

Cameron told me that their wedding would take place in Canada, in a place that is very meaningful to Cameron and her family.  It was land that her family had settled several generations ago (in fact the ceremony would be on the family’s original island settlement) and it was a place where she and her friends would spend most of their summers as children.  With the comfortable cabins, and dormitory cabins for all the friends of the family, it was a place that held many amazing memories.  Living on the lakes, constantly surrounded by water, brings a sense of community to all the families that reside there as well as a comfortable familiarity with boats and canoes.  Like desert dwellers who get around on dirt bikes or four wheelers, folks in these parts are as comfortable in boats as most are in cars.

Meeting Adam on the day of the rehearsal wedding was like meeting a long lost friend.  Urbane and sophisticated Adam attended schools in the UK and had a proper British accent as did all of his groomsmen, good mates from university.

On a destination wedding such as this it’s always a wonderful experience because you really live the wedding through the weekend — everything revolves around it and the various events.  In this case the rehearsal, and the exquisite rehearsal dinner (despite the pouring down rain of a summer storm), to the morning of festivities (including tennis among the guys in the a.m.) and relaxed getting ready by the women.

The weather held, despite the wind, and the ceremony was bathed in an amazing light that seemed to peak just at the time of the kiss.  One of those types of blissful accidents that happens for photographers.

The reception was incredible, nestled in the woods in a marquee erected specifically for the event.  The highlights were the warm and heartfelt toasts, eloquently spoken by family and friends and then a party that must have carried across the water that lasted into the early hours.

Sweaty, hot, intense and amazingly fun, the party ended to wild applause. Somehow I think this group could have gone much longer. The result was one of the most memorable weddings I have ever experienced with a heartfelt connection to the family and photographs that I still am proud to share and bring me back to that weekend whenever I see them.