Blue Eyes Against Blue Wall Orange County Portrait Photographer

Blue Eyes Against Blue Wall, 2014  |  Ladera Ranch, CA

Last night I was getting Sparky ready for bed and the late summer light created an awesome quality and feeling in the kid’s bathroom before I brushed his teeth.

I raced to get the camera because I simply had to record this moment.

I think what made the photograph extra special was the portrait of Kate when she was around 2 that is gracing the wall.  It was a beautiful and striking reminder that these kids grow up so fast — he’s already twice as old as Kate was in that photograph (he’ll be 5 in September).

This is the kind of photograph I live for and I’m so glad that I have it now captured.  That moment will never quite be the same, the light won’t quite be the same, he won’t look quite the same.  The white t-shirt he wore to bed made it simple (I don’t think it would work nearly as well had he been wearing a loud and colorful print pajama) and stark and helps go right to the eyes.

I’ve been using a little camera called the Fuji X-E1 and when I say it’s a little camera, it truly is (compared to a camera like a Canon 5d series camera — a more professional body).  I’m using this camera more and more in my daily life for several reasons.  It’s small and light and far less of a strain to carry than a larger  DSLR camera.  And since it’s lighter I’m more inclined to carry it with me.

It’s also a less threatening camera because of the size.  I find that people don’t immediately assume “professional” as they might when seeing a larger camera and I notice with my own kids that they kind of forget about it.  The camera has a large screen and I can focus with the camera held down low, or held up (as if I were using an iPhone) and find that it almost becomes invisible as a photographic tool.

With my eye not going to the viewfinder, it’s like I’m not even taking the photograph.  Earlier, at dinner with the family, I was taking photographs of Sparky as he was finishing his dinner (getting him to focus on the task at hand is sometimes an issue — age 4 1/2 and all) but he simply did his thing in front of the camera as if I was almost invisible.

The other thing that I love about this camera is that while it is smaller and lighter, I don’t believe I’m making any compromises in terms of the image quality — that’s one of the concerns I have with using something like a point and shoot or an iPhone.  While not quite as fast to respond as a pro series camera, the speed is adequate, and the quality of the image is on par with the larger cameras.

More and more I see these smaller format cameras becoming an even more important tool in my bag saving my back and shoulders and allowing me to create images that I love and will treasure.

Fuji X-E1, 18-55mm lens at 23mm, 1/125th @ f4.5, 1600 ISO