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Berkley and Bob had one of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever been fortunate to witness.  Elegant and beautifully designed (wedding planner Renny Pedersen of Bliss Weddings and Events in Chicago did an astounding job with all the details.  And there were many.)

The Friday before, I photographed the couple’s rehearsal outdoors at Cancer Survivors Garden in downtown Chicago, in the shadow of the city’s skyline.  It was a perfect fall afternoon and evening.  If the weather held, Saturday’s outdoor wedding would be gorgeous — I was envisioning some of those photographs.  Unfortunately, though the weather changed dramatically over the evening with a drop in temperature and rain and that forced a change of plans.

The backup location was close.  The Murphy Auditorium on East Randolph was ready and the historic building became a perfect indoor setting for the couple’s ceremony.  Even though the outdoor location was rained out, everyone rolled with changes nicely and the wedding was festive.

This wedding was covered by me and two other photographers.  Judy Griesedieck has known Berkley since she was born — Judy is best friend’s with Berkley’s Mom Hope.  And Judy is also a world-class photojournalist having spent several years as a newspaper photographer in Hartford and San Jose.  With her special bond with Berkley and the bride’s family, she documented that aspect of the day.

I also had Chuck Cherney, my former Chicago Tribune colleague assisting as well, and he made photographs at the reception site at Union Station.

I covered Bob and the guys as they prepared for the day, starting off with an old-fashioned shave at Floyd’s on North Clark Street.  Then it was off to get ready and dodge the rain (which by then was starting to wane, but still enough to make an outdoor wedding impossible).

After the ceremony, we all headed for the reception held at Union Station and was the venue festive and beautifully designed.  With floor to ceiling fabrics and lighting throughout the building, it was a splash of color and simply spectacular.

Live music by the New Jersey based band Soul Street kept the party going right to the end.

Having first met Berkley and her family at her first cousin Cameron’s wedding to Adam a couple of years before in Canada, it was such a great experience to know so many of the people attending.