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Canon 5dm2 v Sony a5000

Our Kate is one fierce competitor.

Today was the Apex Fun Run at her school and she was determined to break her mark from last year (49 laps) and was fixed on achieving her goal of running 60 laps.

Right off the bat, though, on the first lap, she slipped on the wet grass and took a few minutes to regroup.  Nothing hurt, except perhaps her pride, she jumped back into the race and starting trying to catch up.

In the end, she ran 48 laps, which fell short of her goal but she sure made me proud.  After the race, tired, sore and tears running down her face, I hugged her and told her how proud I was on this run.

It wasn’t because she ran so many laps, but more than she shook off the fall and how that could have set her back and instead got back into the race and tried to achieve her goal.

She’s always been such a fiery competitor and it comes through even when she’s doing something like a fun run, or playing soccer or even doing homework.  I love that about her and want to help her continue to grow and channel that energy and help her reach her goals.

Great job Kate!

Sony #a6000 with 70-200 f4 G OSS lens for these images