The Palmer Family

The Palmer Family

The day after Thanksgiving was bright and cold and we had just had a nice soaking of rain the night before.

At 10:30 I scheduled a portrait session with the Palmer family and we were able to get the session in despite the heavy rain the
night before.

The location was along the Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo — hard to believe you’re in the middle of suburban Orange County along the trail.

I had done a scouting mission the day before to find the perfect spot and the water seemed to be almost double in the Creek from that day before.

Even better — it felt even more like we were in the country or in the mountains.

My daughter Kate gave her Dad an assist on this day. In the photo below she’s holding up a lighting tool to help block the light that was streaking through the trees, highlighting the family.

They were lit from an off-camera strobe but I needed the shade, provided by Kate, to make the light even on their faces, without the harsh streak of sunlight.

Kate’s developed an affinity for photography and I look forward to having her assist me as she gets older and has more experience behind the camera.

We were able to have a great family session and the extra pair of hands — even little ones — made the portrait session MUCH easier.