I’ve known Adam and Allison for quite a while and it’s been great fun to watch their family grow over the years (and capture parts of it along the way).
They’re oldest daughter Jane was born on the very same day as our daughter Kate and we first got to know them through the Ladera Ranch Baby’s Club 2005.
Fast forward almost nine years later (as I write this I am shaking my head because it just seems like the mere snap of a finger) and now Jane has a brother and sister — Piper and Jonah.
This was the third session I have done of Jane, the second of Piper and this was the first one that I have done on Jonah.
It was great to catch up and to marvel at how much the older girls have grown and changed — not just toddlers anymore — these little ones have unique and distinctive personalities.  Jane is a quiet and reserved and needs to be coaxed to smile while Piper is a fun-loving, fearless little second-born.
Meeting Jonah was a hoot — he’s all boy and full of spunk and gave me some of my favorite portraits.  The one of him giving me a serious look (second below) has become one of my favorite portraits of this year’s sessions.  And it is extra special then when Adam said:  “THAT’S Jonah”
When we planned the session — as we do for all our family and kid’s sessions — we talked about a place that has meaning to Adam and Allison and they mentioned Casper’s Wilderness Area off of Ortega Highway.
I had only been past it, never gone into it and was grateful that they selected this location.
The family has spent time there camping and enjoying the outdoors so it’s a place that holds special family significance now (and hopefully will be the site of many memories for years to come).   Some of my fondest memories from my youth are from our family vacations and I hope it is the same for their children.  Plus they’ll have these portraits to remind them of this day and time in their lives.
When we got to the clearing with the fallen log, I simply knew that that would be the site of the family portrait.  And what a spot it was — hard to believe where this photograph was made is a mere few miles as the crow flies from the busy world of southern Orange County.
Adam and Allison were a part of this year’s Kids of OC Charity Book Project.  Has it been a few years since your family’s portrait session?  If so, we invite you to join us for this year’s project.  While the sessions for the book are about the kids, we also include a family session at no additional charge. 
As you can see from the photographs below children are constantly changing and growing and that change is breathtaking.
Adam and Allison’s family today:
 Orange County Portrait Photographer Gero_01
Orange County Portrait Photographer Gero_02
Gubman Family
Orange County Portrait Photographer Gero_04
Orange County Portrait Photographer Gero_05
Orange County Portrait Photographer Gero_06
Orange County Portrait Photographer Gero_07
Jane’s first session (in 2008):
Jane and Piper’s session (2010)