A Man To Fish Podcast_GeroI very happy to share this link to part one of a two-part podcast where I was interviewed by Todd Reichman, a photographer and business educator from Atlanta.

It’s called the “A Man to Fish” Podcast and it’s geared to helping photographers get better at business.  It’s a real look behind the curtain and in our case we discussed my history, and what’s going on in my business right now.  There are a lot of other great podcasts on Todd’s site, so be sure to subscribe to them on iTunes so you won’t miss them!

Todd is a photographer and educator, and he has a real passion for helping photographers become as good or better at their businesses then they are with a camera.  I found his insights and his business strategies incredibly helpful to me.  I also think it’s nice to hear people talk about the business with no BS.  I find it incredibly refreshing and honest.

Even though it was an interview with me, it really felt more like a conversation and I hope you find the podcast helpful to you and your photography business.

Here’s that link:  (This link won’t work with iPhones or iPads because it’s flash)

Try this link instead: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/…a-man-to-fish…/id534432078  I’m the 24th podcast.

Please subscribe to the podcast because I think it is a real valuable contribution to the wedding and portrait photography world.

On April 1st (no joke!), part two will be posted.