Gero_OrangeCountyPortraitPhotographer_LaderaRanchSummerThis past Saturday, our neighborhood realtor through a Summer Kick Off Block Party and it was a wonderful way to start the summer, hang out with our neighbors and simply have a great time.

Since it’s a very small and tight little community within Ladera Ranch (100 homes), it’s a little like a small town.

So I set up in the center of the neighborhood this little portrait studio, and had a great time.


I shared the Kids of OC books that I have done and it may lead to future bookings — which would be great.  But it’s ALWAYS good to get out and photograph because I’ve always found that when you step out you end up being rewarded and these four photographs were some of my favorites:  Gavin, Audra, Grace and little “PeeWee”.

For lighting, it was simple:  One Dynalite Baja B4 set on a grip arm for a mini boom over the camera.  Even though it’s battery powered I ran power to it just in case I needed it for my backup flash (a non battery powered Elinchrom Style 600). I used some Reflectors to help contain some of the overhead light — since it was an overcast (“June Gloom”) kind of morning, it worked well and I didn’t have to block out hard sun.

Using a 40″ Phottix Luma Octabox, I was able get 1/125th at f6.3 at 100 ISO from the light source.  Very simple and yet I love how they turned out!

Camera:  Sony a7ii

Lens:  Sony 70-200 f4G OSS lens