August 17, 2016

Shape Shifter v2 Backpacks arrive from Think Tank Photo!!

The great folks at Think Tank Photo just released three new versions of its award-winning Shape Shifter backpack.

These backpacks essential feature is that you can expand them to hold your gear and then contract them when empty, thus decreasing their profile.

They come sized for 15” and 17” laptops. The new Naked Shape Shifter is an entirely new concept in backpack in that you can configure its interior using your existing Think Tank modular components.

This way you can transport your belt system inside the backpack. Don’t forget that with our Think Tank partnership you receive free gear with your orders and free shipping ordering from this link:

Shape Shifter group lowres

March 11, 2016

The Sony a6300 arrives and here’s a quick unboxing video!

Today the Sony a6300 arrived and this little unboxing video shows what is included with the camera and kit lens package.

Hard to believe a 4K camera coming in at just under $1k (for video)….and for still shooters it’s got 8 fps continuous live view and Silent Shooting!! Pretty darn amazing little camera.

March 7, 2016

Mastering Digital Wedding Photography Ebook is now available!!

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I am incredibly pleased and proud to share the news that my new book Mastering Digital Wedding Photography is now available as an ebook download! And, between now and March 15, 2016 you’ll be able to purchase the ebook for $25 (regular price is $49).

To purchase please go to: and you’ll have that book right away!

This book has taken me months to write (far too long as my wife Nicki would say), and is the culmination of things that I have learned along the way in my 33 years as a full time professional photographer.

This book is the kind of book I wish I would have had when I launched my own wedding business in 2002. Even though I had spent the first 19 years of my career in daily journalism, the wedding photography business is very different. Photography skills are a given, of course, but being a wedding photographer that is merely the start. As I learned since then that marketing and sales are critical to the long term success of any photo business. It is a constantly evolving business too and you have to stay current with trends in both photography but also marketing and other business practices.

This book reviews the tools that I use and recommend, that I use and aims to help you find what you need to be in the wedding photography business (since I am a Sony Artisan and sponsored by Sony I talk specifically about those Sony tools that I use in my business though DSLR photographers can utilize their own preferred brand).

I have never been more excited about photography as I have been over the course of the past two years. The tools have changed so much and allow us to do things that I only dreamed about and wished for when I started in the early 80s!

Being able to send photographs wirelessly from my Sony camera —> phone —> to the web and worldwide publication would have made my life as a photographer on a deadline SOOO much easier.

The smaller Sony mirrorless cameras make it easier to carry them through the long hours of a wedding and are a welcome relief to shoulders and backs.

The ease of shooting professional video and audio (and even 4K video on the new a6300) allow me to enter a new realm of creative expression and allow me to be truly a complete storyteller (stills | video | audio).

It is exciting times and I hope that you will find this book helpful to you as you start a wedding photography business or evolve your wedding photography business if you are a more experienced photographer.

You can download that ebook right now at:

Thank you for your support!


February 8, 2016

Sony a6300 and New G-Master Lenses Announced and what they mean for portrait and wedding photographers!

Sony created quite a stir in the photographic world last week when they announced the highly anticipated a6300 which will supersede their wildly successful a6000 camera.

This will be a 24 megapixel, aps-c sized sensor that fires 11 fps and 8 fps in continuous live view.

Not only is it a potent still camera, this camera has 4k video as well as the hotshoe/multi-interface shoe that accepts the sony XLR K2M microphone adaptor (as well as a microphone in port). This camera will sell for just under $1000 US.

In addition to the new camera, Sony released three G-Master lenses: a 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 and an 85 1.4 lens. These lenses are designed from the ground up and are built for the future of digital imaging.

These lenses are three of the most popular lenses for a variety of photographic genres, including wedding, portrait, fashion and journalism.

February 8, 2016

Mastering Digital Wedding Photography is coming soon!!


I’m pleased and proud to share the cover design for my new book called “Mastering Digital Wedding Photography”

This book has been months in the making (far too many as my wife would say!) and is an updated guide to Wedding Photography since my first book that I wrote in 2004.

SO much has changed since that time.

That was the beginning of the digital revolution in the wedding and portrait space and now digital is the standard for working professionals around the world.

Now, though, mirrorless cameras are beginning to become a serious alternative for folks that want a change from the world of DSLRs.

I’ve been a Sony mirrorless photographer since mid 2014 and am so excited to write a book about wedding photography that talks about the profession and how to adopt mirrorless cameras to this genre.

Publication is slated to launch on March 1, 2016. Updates will be coming via this website and on Facebook.

Thanks to all who have supported me on this project, especially my wife Nicki who is my sounding board and who believed in me at times more than I believed in myself.

Can’t wait to share this book with the wedding photography world. Wedding photography has given me and my family so much and I want to give back to help the next generation of wedding photographers!

December 19, 2015

Star Wars, Ripon College, Hollywood and “Harry” Ford

This past Thursday I went up to Hollywood Blvd. to take a look at all the hoopla surrounding the famous street with the impending release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

It is probably the most highly anticipated movie in a decade or more and the initial box office reports show that it is well on the way to be the largest opening weekend in the history of cinema.

Hollywood Blvd. is always full of, well, energy (shall we say?) and I figured this would be the perfect time to head up to see what the buzz was like on the street.

I expected to see more Star Wars fans lined up, perhaps some dressed like characters, but that was not the case. There were some, to be sure, but honesty I expected more.

I saw the usual assortment of super hero characters working for tips (the “real” performers, according to Wolverine — not like the ones that photo bomb people and then hound them for money after the fact, he said pointing to two women within earshot), tourists from all over the globe, throngs of people lined up for Kimmel, a few blocks of the Blvd. blocked off and heavily patrolled by LA’s finest and the opening of the Leonard DiCaprio movie “The Revenant” happening later that evening, when the sun went down.

Bathed in the late afternoon winter’s light, there was a buzz on the street as folks gathered to see just who might show up for the premiere, many staking out spots by the steel gates opposite of the entry for the opening. Later there would be dozens more including photographers on ladders hoping to make a photograph of the stars arrivals.

Getting back to Star Wars, I really wanted to see the El Capitan and the area around here because Gruman’s Chinese Theater right across the street was the place that the original Star Wars debuted in 1977.

A Long Time Ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

I remember going to see that movie for the first time in the tiny theater in downtown Beaver Dam, WI, not expecting to like it despite the hype surrounding it. Being a long time Star Trek fan, I went into it convinced that there was obviously NO WAY that any movie could come close to that fine science fiction series from the 60s. Was I in for a surprise.

From the start with John Williams’ epic score, the scrolling titles vanishing into the distance and the opening visual with the Imperial Cruiser chasing the rebels from the top of the screen with Dolby surround sound kicking in, I was hooked. So much so that I went back the next night to see the movie again.

I loved the message, the characters, the tech and the story. Despite everything else, it was a story that was enthralling. The tech served the story, and not the other way around. I instantly became a fan of the movie and have seen all the subsequent movies, though nothing in the series IMHO ever matched the heart of that first movie.

One Degree of Separation

Another reason that I loved the movie was that it starred a relatively (then) unknown actor named Harrison Ford who would — through Star Wars and later through Raiders of the Lost Ark and other films — become probably the most bankable Hollywood leading man over the past 30 years.

Ford had attended tiny Ripon College back in the early 60s — the same college I was attending when those movies were coming into their own in the late 70s.

Ford and I have one degree of separation in the form of the Dean of Men from the College back then — David Harris.

I worked for the Dean as an office aide for my work-study grant and would talk with him about Ford, who was one of the most famous alumni from the school. (Ironically Harrison Ford, Grammy winning Jazz singer Al Jarreau and the late great ABC and CBS world correspondent & anchor Richard Threlkeld all attended Ripon at the same time and all were members of the same fraternity. Pretty astounding when you consider the school had an attendance figure of under 1000 students at the time).

I can still see the professorial Dean Harris with his horn-rimmed glasses, wearing a tweed jacket and leaning back with his high back leather chair, tapping his pipe and the sweet smell of the pipe creating a foggy glow.

Harry Ford wasn’t really acting, said the Dean as he tapped, and inhaled his pipe. That’s the way Harry Ford really is.

Dean Harris proceeded to tell me the legend of Harry Ford and how he found theater at the school and was devastated when Red Barn Theater on campus — the home of the school’s Drama department — was burned down in 1964

As I remember Dean Harris telling me, Ford was so distraught that he just stopped attending classes and failed to graduate that senior year.

He joined another famous Ripon College acting alum, Spencer Tracy, who attended but failed to graduate from the school.

The Dean was obviously proud of Ford for finding his calling while at his school and perhaps a bit for helping draw some attention to Ripon, a fine liberal arts college in a small town in the center of the state. It was inspiring to me that Ford was from Ripon and he excelled at his chosen profession, something that I too wanted.

Back to Hollywood Boulevard

Especially because of this somewhat personal connection I simply had to find Ford’s star on The Walk of Fame.

Before sunset, I had wandered around the Blvd. looking for the stars of any of the Star Wars cast, and didn’t have any luck, but was drawn to the stars on the sidewalk that were hit by interesting light (such as the Shrek star). I thought I read online that the Ford star was closer to Hollywood and Vine but I was wrong. Grabbing a quick bite with my friend Chuck Jones who ventured down to street shoot with me, I then did a better search online and discovered that Harrison Ford’s star was actually located near the corner of Hollywood and Highland — back where I had started. Somehow I had missed it.

By now it was dark and getting chilly and we walked the few blocks along Hollywood Blvd. Past the restaurants, souvenir shops, adult “toy” shops and a curiously high number of wig shops that dot that part of the Blvd.

Getting back to Hollywood and Highland, the area was now jammed with people on both sides of the street, eagerly craning to see which stars would appear for the Revenant premier. Me, I was craning my neck down, looking at the stars on the sidewalk on the hunt for Harry Ford’s star.

And I did find it, ironically (or not) placed directly across the street from the El Capitan Theater — where the new Star Wars premiere will also take place. I loved how his star basked in the glow from the theater’s neon marquee. Mission accomplished. Time to head back to suburban OC.

Now I begin planning when I will go see the movie and bring my two children, ages 10 (almost) and 6 (I think it will be okay). I think they’ll love it — I hope that they do. And I hope it fills them with inspiration and excitement for the future as it did for me when I first saw the movie back in 1977.

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Technical Information: Sony a7R II, 35mm f1.4 FE Zeiss, 85mm f1.8 FE Zeiss Batis, 55mm f1.8 FE Zeiss, available light.

December 1, 2015

An assist from Kate for her Dad

The Palmer Family

The Palmer Family

The day after Thanksgiving was bright and cold and we had just had a nice soaking of rain the night before.

At 10:30 I scheduled a portrait session with the Palmer family and we were able to get the session in despite the heavy rain the
night before.

The location was along the Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo — hard to believe you’re in the middle of suburban Orange County along the trail.

I had done a scouting mission the day before to find the perfect spot and the water seemed to be almost double in the Creek from that day before.

Even better — it felt even more like we were in the country or in the mountains.

My daughter Kate gave her Dad an assist on this day. In the photo below she’s holding up a lighting tool to help block the light that was streaking through the trees, highlighting the family.

They were lit from an off-camera strobe but I needed the shade, provided by Kate, to make the light even on their faces, without the harsh streak of sunlight.

Kate’s developed an affinity for photography and I look forward to having her assist me as she gets older and has more experience behind the camera.

We were able to have a great family session and the extra pair of hands — even little ones — made the portrait session MUCH easier.

November 3, 2015

Lindsay + Preston’s OC Wedding | Time Lapse Video | Turnip Rose

This little 44 second time lapse video is from the wedding ceremony of Lindsay and Preston from this past Saturday (Halloween) at
Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa.

What a fun couple and what a great group of guests who dressed in 1920s attire for the wedding.

technical info: Sony a6000, Mefoto tripod, camera fired every 5 seconds, jpegs processed in LR and then assembled in Premiere Pro CC 2015.
#sonyalpha #turniprose #linston1031

October 14, 2015

New Sony RX1 RII full frame compact camera

Sony RX1 R II just announced by Sony!Sony did it again!

They’ve taken their original full frame small form factor camera — the RX 1 — and totally upgraded it with many features that Sony a7R II photographers are sure to love!

Improvements include:

42 mp sensor
Improved AF
Eye AF
Variable Low Pass Filter (the first of it’s kind)
Built in pop up EVF (with Zeiss T* coating)

Though not inexpensive (around $3300 US) it is sure to be an amazing imaging beast in a small, palm sized camera.

To read more, please go here:

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